For so long I let stress and anxiety diminish my self-trust, and what I thought my true potential was.

For most of my life I struggled with food. Growing up with sights on a professional dancing career, I constantly compared my body to others’, and to what the industry idealizes as that flawless “dancer’s body”.  I truly believed that if only my tush were a bit smaller, or my thighs were a touch slimmer, I would be that much better.

Unable to see my individually badass figure as powerful and beautiful, I went on a self-destructive journey to achieve what I thought of as “perfect”.

From extreme diets, to starving myself, to over-exercising, this focus on how I looked chipped away at my quality of life.  Moving into adulthood, I had unfulfilling jobs, poor choices in romantic partners, and deteriorating relationships with my family.  These all prevented me from providing my body with the self-care or respect necessary for healthy habits, and I continued to suffer from a poor body image.  

It was a vicious cycle that left me feeling completely out of control, depleted of energy, and emotionally drained.

It wasn’t until I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that I was able to empower myself.  I re-learned how to eat in a way that supported my body, and created realistic eating habits that are right for my mind and body, and that leave me happy, productive, and in control of my mental and emotional states.

I am a certified Health Coach and certified Pilates Apparatus and Mat instructor, studying under master trainer Ella Ben-Aharon from Pilates Sports Center located in Encino, CA and The Lab in Brooklyn, NY. I have knowledge of a variety of food lifestyles such as vegan, raw food, paleo, and macrobiotics, and hold a BFA in Dance from the University of Florida.  Some of the many practitioners I studied under include Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, David Katz, Harville Hendrix, John Douillard, Marion Nestle, and Neal Bernard.

My health coaching advice has been featured in numerous health and wellness articles on digital platforms such as Reader's Digest, Yahoo, MyDomaine, and Byrdie. 

I love this work from the bottom of my heart. I live my life with an overall feeling of contentment, vitality, and confidence in my body and what I have to offer the world.  My goal is to spread this feeling with others, and to help everyone feel their best self, every single day.


  • You are what you eat. Every single thing you eat, your body absorbs - make a habit of educating yourself.
  • Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love. 
  • If you don't recognize the ingredient, neither will your body. 
  • Diet is just one piece to the puzzle. It is important to have a balance in all areas of you life. 
  • We can juice, cleanse, take up acupuncture - but if we are unhappy in a job, relationship or our physical activity this creates an imbalance and we cannot truly and completely be happy and healthy.
  • Creating good lifestyle habits now can last you a lifetime and will only save you from health problems and unhappiness in the future.