It is so important to me that you find a healthy and positive balance in your life and the relationship you have with food. It is my mission for you to find the joy and love in food and view it as your friend, not your enemy. 


I can’t tell you how many diets I have tried, and failed. Courtney really helped me find balance in all aspects if my life - including food, exercise and my over well being. It’s really helped me to not only lose weight, but I feel clearer, happier and overall in a good place. It’s so much more than just eating better. Thank you, Courtney!
— Laura, Staten Island
Courtney is a bright light! I’m so lucky to have found her!
— Andrea, Atlanta
Working with Courtney has been such a great experience, she taught me how to step back and reevaluate my diet and fitness routines as well as make other positive decisions in my life. I am in the best shape and couldn’t have done it with out her.
— Samantha, New York City
I never knew my true potential before working with Courtney. I suffered many years from yo-yo dieting, which wreaked havoc on my mood, behavior, and overall happiness and well-being. Courtney helped me get to the bottom my problems and I now live a much healthier lifestyle that I never thought was achievable!
— Jason, Los Angeles