Nourishing Winter Staples That Keep Us Grounded


It’s true that the foods we crave in the winter time are much different from those in the summer time. Summertime feels light, warm, and airy, while winter is just the opposite.

Because the winter season respects our “Yang” energy which is slow, deep and inward - our bodies require dense, warming, nourishing and sustainable foods. Specifically those that grow close to the ground.

Also! By eating fruits and vegetables that touch the soil where they grow (Yang), our bodies absorb their grounding and stability elements - keeping us protected from anxiety and depression during the cold months.

Our “Yin” energy is embraced in the summertime - bright and expansive - so we tend to go for the cooling fruits and vegetables that keep our bodies feeling light and energized, with all that extra time to play outdoors.

Picture this: there’s a blizzard outside...10 degrees….you’re snuggled on your couch with a cup of tea or your boo watching “Black Mirror”...and the hunger pangs hit. You’re craving a….salad with arugula, watercress, goat cheese and watermelon?! Probably not.

Check out this Moroccan couscous (above) I made the other day, inspired by So delicious, and felt so right when I made it on a very cold day!


A few key Yang ingredients:

Brown Rice (or couscous for this specific dish): rich in proteins and fiber - gives us that “full” feeling.

Sweet Potato (orange yams): regulates blood sugar and also takes like candy?!

Carrots: another sweet root vegetable that supports our immune and cardiovascular systems.

Garlic: hint...natural antibiotic!!

Ginger: stimulates blood flow, warming us from the inside.


Try adding one or two of these ingredients into your cooking the next time you're in the kitchen and see how you like it!

What foods soothe YOU during the winter months? I want to know! Find me on Facebook and post them at and @baronwellness on IG.

Happy and Healthy,