Welcome everyone! I’m Courtney Baron, from Baron Health and Wellness and THIS is my little baby ‘Welcome’ blog post for all you gorgeous humans out there in the world. I can’t tell you how excited I am to connect with you all, and to open this dialogue about my very favorite things... food... and... health... and... life... and... all the stuff occupied within it.

Have you ever thought about how the foods we eat affect the we feel? Or why it’s been so difficult to lose those last ten pounds, even though we’re eating all the right things? Have you ever been in a really bad mood for days, unable to pull yourself out and thought, “It’s totally because of the mac n’ cheese/beer/ice cream/pizza fest I’ve been dominating for the past month!” Yes, sometimes not caring about what you eat can be so so fun. BUT when that party has gone on for too long, you’re going to feel all sorts of icky/unhealthy and then figure out a way to dig yourself out. It’s true, we are what we eat, and if we feed ourselves not-so-great foods most of the time, that’s how we’re going to feel. How about eating healthfully 90% of the time, and 10% you could get on with your bad self? It’s important to treat our bodies with love by eating healthy and delicious foods, but by the same token I completely understand that we need to be bad once in awhile.

As I write this post from my little apartment in New York City, I feel the words flow more easily simply because I’m home. I feel safe, it’s my space that contains all of my belongings, where I sleep, where I wake up in the morning to make my breakfast smoothie and watch the Today Show. Sometimes when it gets too messy I feel disorganized and out of sorts. Sometimes when it’s messy I feel more creative and productive too. But when it’s clean and tidy I feel a greater sense of freedom and openness in the way I move around my home and out in the world. I can also feel restricted when it’s clean and tidy. My home is also different from all of my friend’s homes. I make a lot of really yummy foods in my home too…

What I’m trying to say here, is that I’d love to take you home. To connect back to your deeper self, and feel an incredible sense of happiness and healthier than you’ve ever been. To understand that when we are at ‘home’ in our bodies, we feel more at ease, lighter, clearer in our heads, more open to the potential possibilities that lie in front of us and to take those healthy risks when we see them. In this space, the quality of our relationships, our work, temperament, sense of motivation, happiness, outlook on life...the choices we make NOW directly affect the quality of our future. We are more grateful for the things we DO have, and think less about what we don’t. 

Will you allow me to join you on your journey? You all have the answers to live your healthiest, sexiest, most creative, most exciting, most beautiful life. YOU have them - nobody else. There is nothing more worth it than finding out what we’re truly made of during our short time here on earth. Enjoy the ride :)

Happy and Healthy,