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That little old adage that you can still hear your parents telling you as a child.
In a world of endless options, this statement couldn't be more true. As fortunate as we all are, there are a lot of foreign ingredients, chemicals and other harmful substances in our food that contribute to weight gain, loss of energy, disease and over all mood. We need to educate ourselves.

I know what you're thinking, you have been on every diet, why would this even work? Well, I am here to help and I want to learn about YOU! I want to understand what you and your family enjoy, how you eat, what your daily routines looks like. I know it is overwhelming to think about how to change your current way of life, but we will break it down and start small. Over time you will have "new-normals" and the pounds will come off, your energy levels will be high and most importantly your health will be in check.

Even more than diet we will explore all of the things that connect all of us. Our diet is a direct connection to how we live our lives. I will open up conversations about how and why food is our fuel and we should be nourishing our bodies. But beyond that, we have different types of nourishment. I believe that relationships, spirituality, physical activity, and career are our "primary food" and the foods we feed our body are secondary. All of these things should be in balance and when one is off, everything can become out of wack. Sometimes it is hard to get back on track. We will take a deep look into all of these and figure out a lifestyle plan that works for you. 



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